The Mongolian khulan, an engineer species of the Gobi Desert

The Mongolian khulan is locally known for its ability to dig holes at dry water points and river beds to access to underground water, then creating some kind of "wells" or "watering holes" from which they can drink. This very specific behavior is mostly observed during the dry periods of the year where in the Gobi Desert replenishment of water points depends on rainfall.



-> In order to adapt to the dry periods and the lack of open water points and sources in the Gobi Desert as a result of climate change, the Mongolian Khulan has developed this very specific behavior to dig holes of different sizes and depth at dry water sources to access water located underground. 

The "wells" or "watering holes" created by Mongolian Khulans are also used by other species, wild species but also domestic species then helping them to access to water and drink. 

Some of the photos included on this page have been captured by trail cameras Anne-Camille Souris and Goviin Khulan's local citizen scientists did set up in our study area from 2013 to 2020 (Copyright Association GOVIIN KHULAN)