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Our scientific and technical partners



           The SSC/IUCN Equid Scpecialist Group


               Perissodactyla Preservation Fund 

We cooperate with the Small Gobi A and B protected areas' administration and rangers since the beginning. Our organization did provide them with technical equipment (GPS, binoculars, digital cameras as well as few camera traps). We also did provide some rangers with training to use and set up camera traps in their working areas applied to research on the ecology of the Mongolian khulan. 

Travel agencies

Information and education

ARKive, which is gathering together very best films and photographs of the world's species inton one centralized digital library, to create a unique audio-visual record of life on earth. Preserved and maintained for future generations, ARKive is making this key ressource accessible to all, from scientists and conservationists to the general public and school children. http://www.arkive.org/asiatic-wild-ass/equus-hemionus/#text=Facts


SPOT Europe has provided to our association in april 2008, a satellite personnal tracker and messenger that will permit to track our progress when in the field, to send message about our status and to call for help if needed. Using 100% satellite technology, SPOT works around the world, even where cell phones don’t.

The MTO / TFN Group provided us in December 2008 with a small lap-top (LENOVO trademark) for our field work: enter data, cartography, and to show to local people videos and pictures about the Mongolian wild ass conservation as part of our actions for information and education of local people to biodiversity conservation in Mongolia.


Zolboo O., Mongolian artist who made the illustrations of our children's book "The Lost khulan in the Gobi"


The WildArt Mongolia Expedition

Grants obtained and donors

We heartily thank those who have supported and actually support our conservation programme for showing interest to our actions and to values we defend. 


Thanks to your support, we have been able to develop our project since 2008, and to date to conduct a total of 7 missions and research field trips in Mongolia, in the south and southeast Gobi.


Since the beginning we have secured support from the local population, protected areas managers, rangers working inside and outside of protected areas, governors of administrative units/sums, schools, and Buddhist monasteries, of the area where our project is conducted since 2008.



* Green Business Alliance


Join the Alliance of Financial Partners of the Association GOVIIN KHULAN, and make a sustainable investment by supporting our actions for endangered species and biodiversity conservation, sustainable development and local culture preservationMake a donation now. 


Businesses, make a sustainable investment and link your name to our innovative and multidisciplinary approach for the protection of the endangered Mongolian Khulan and its habitat, sustainable development and local culture preservation!

Please visit this page: Businesses or contact us at goviin_khulan@live.fr for more information.

Grants obtained by our organization

Société des Amis du MNHN 

This French association donated in 20051,600 Euros to Miss Anne-Camille Souris for her research project for the conservation of the Mongolian Khulan. This donation was used for the mission conducted for two months in 2008 and was completed by about 5,000 Euros from Anne-Camille SOURIS's own contribution.


National Geographic Society Conservation Trust

Anne-Camille Souris, our research director, did obtain a 16,500 USD grant from the National Geographic Conservation Trust in 2009 to conduct research and conservation actions for the protection of the Mongolian khulan.  http://www.nationalgeographic.com/explorers/projects

Chicago Zoological Society CBOT Endangered Species Fund Award 

Anne-Camille SOURIS obtained a grant of 3,860 USD from the CZS CBOT Endangered Species Fund to conduct research and actions for Mongolian wild ass conservation in the south and southeast Gobi during the autumn 2010. This grant has been complemented by private donations made to the association (320 Euros) and the Anne-Camille SOURIS's own contribution.

In 2012, our organization has received a grant of 21,500 Euros from The Prince Bernhard Nature Fund in support to our project “Research, Information, Education and local people involvement to save the Mongolian wild ass or 'Khulan'”. The funding will be used for the mission conducted during the summer 2012 and the spring 2013.

In May 2015, our organization has received a grant of 12,500 USD grant from the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, in support of our project: "protection of the Mongolian khulan through: research, involvement of protected areas' rangers and the local community, and environmental education" that we conducted in partnership with a Mongolian organization. 

In May 2015, our organization has received a grant of 19,860 Euros from the Van Tienhoven Foundation for International Nature Protectionin support of our project: "protection of the Mongolian khulan through: research, involvement of protected areas' rangers and the local community, and environmental education" that we conducted in partnership with a Mongolian organization. 

Businesses and organizations that supported our project


JIMDO sponsored our website from 2008 to 2015.  


                       L'Univers du cheval 


                             Guest-house Petite Marmotte



                                Solutions Graphik’N Print (member of 1% for the Planet)


                                        L'association Equilibre-Gaia 


                               Fairtrad (member of 1% for the Planet)



                     The Donkey Company / Donkeys & Co (member of 1% for the Planet)

50,000 MNT (about 35 USD) donated by the Department of nature and environment of Dornogovi province, located in Sainshand, with support from the MACNE (Mongolian Association for Conservation of Nature and the Environment) to participate to gas expenses for the mission conducted during the summer 2012.

The travel agency Eternal Landscapes which is one the travel agencies with which we cooperate for our tourism and conservation expeditions, support our work by donating us some of their annual profits.