Protecting the threatened Mongolian Wild Ass / khulan as an umbrella species


of the Gobi Desert ecosystem, in partnership with protected areas and the local communities 

Association GOVIIN KHULAN is a French conservation non-profit organization founded in 2007.


Our mission is the conservation of the Mongolian Wild Ass/Khulan as an umbrella species and as a flagship species of the Gobi Desert ecosystem and Mongolian grasslands, in partnership with protected areas' administration and local communities of our project's areas. 


By protecting the Mongolian Wild Ass/Khulan as an umbrella species and as a flagship species, we also aim to enhance protection of other endangered ad threatened Gobi species and the Gobi Desert ecosystem through - collaboration, science-based conservation activities, environmental education, capacity building and community-based/led conservation - for a long-term success. 


Mongolia is an important stronghold of the Asiatic Wild Ass, hosting about 80% of the global population of the Asiatic Wild Ass (Equus hemionus), represented by the Mongolian Khulan (Equus hemionus hemionus). Mongolia has then a global responsibility to ensure this species conservation. 


Our organization works in the south and southeastern regions of the Gobi Desert since 2008, in partnership with protected areas' administrations and the local community, to ensure conservation of the Mongolian Khulan, and enhance protection of Gobi wildlife and the Gobi Desert ecosystem. 



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The Mongolian khulan


The Mongolian Khulan (also known as Mongolian Wild Ass) is a wild equid and is one of the 5 recognized subspecies of the Asiatic Wild Ass. It represents the largest population of the Asiatic wild ass in the world and occurs only in the Gobi Desert with some small populations in north of China (Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia). The Mongolian khulan is now listed in the IUCN Red List as "Near Threatened" (but was listed as "Endangered" until 2015), in Appendix I of the CITES and in Appendix II of the CMS.


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By traveling with our team you will take part to an expedition of a lifetime and you will directly and undirectly contribute to conservation of Gobi wildlife and protection of their habitat.


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For the conservation of the threatened Mongolian Khulan, other Gobi species and their habitat on the long-term, our approach is based on:

- a pluridisciplinary approach

- cooperation and involvement of the local community's leaders and of the protected areas' administration in our conservation programme,

- as well as on our guidance and support to our local partners to implement their own conservation initiatives.  


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