- wildlife observation and citizen science applied to conservation -

Our organization has been running research and conservation activities in Mongolia since 2008, to enhance protection of the threatened Mongolian khulan (Equus hemionus hemionus), Gobi wildlife and the Gobi Desert ecosystem.


By joining one of our wildlife tours in Mongolia you will travel with our team of specialists to different regions of Mongolia, including the Gobi Desert, following the tracks of Mongolian khulans/wild asses and other wildlife.


You will not only observe and photograph wildlife - like many travel agencies could offer you to do - but you will travel along with wildlife biologists and will take part to some of our research program's and conservation activities for an experience of a lifetime and a positive impact on local wildlife and biodiversity conservation. 


What is specific and unique about our wildlife tours?



--> they are led by our organization's biologists/conservationists or local wildlife biologists or tourist guides working with us. Tourist guides working with us and leading some of our conservation tours have been trained by our scientific team;   


--> they all contribute to protection of endangered Gobi wildlife and their habitat as you will help our team in data collection applied to wildlife and biodiversity conservation (citizen science); 


--> some of the proceeds will go to our Conservation Fund that will financially support our research and conservation program, and to our Community Fund to bring support to local communities of our project's areas; 


--> they support the local community of our study area by providing additional income to some members of the local community working with us as "wildlife and culture guides" and as local hosts; 


--> they support other conservation projects as we will stop to different national parks and reserves on the way to our study area; 


--> We are currently the only organization offering wildlife observation and citizen science tours for wildlife conservation in the Gobi Desert, helping enhance protection of the Mongolian khulan, Gobi wildlife and the Gobi Desert ecosystem.



By travelling with us you will have a unique opportunity to travel to some remote places of Mongolia to see unique and endangered wildlife, to learn about their ecology and threats affecting their survival, and you will also have a direct and positive impact on protection of Gobi wildlife and the Gobi Desert ecosystem! 


What are the species that inhabit our study area?



  • Przewalski's horse 
  • Black-tailed/goitered gazelle 
  • Argali wild sheep 
  • Ibex 
  • Mongolian gazelle
  • Mongolian wild ass/onager 
  • Corsac fox 
  • Grey wolf 
  • Eurasian lynx 
  • Snow leopard 
  • and more




  • Cinereous vulture 
  • Chukar
  • Pallas's sandgrouse 
  • Demoiselle Crane
  • Asian houbara
  • Bearded vulture 
  • Golden eagle 
  • Mongolian Ground-jay 
  • Saxaul sparrow
  • and more 

The different tours we offer

Tour 1. Wildlife observation and citizen science tours in the Gobi for 12 days (nights in tents and travel with russian mini-vans)


This tour will be essentially organized in our study area as well as in a few natural reserves where a variety of species could be observed. In addition to our conservation activities we will also observe and compare the different wild and domestic Equids of Mongolia.





Lodging will be essentially in tents during the whole tour, with few nights in provincial hotels or camps of yurts/gers when travelling in the countryside, and we will travel in a Russian mini van. 


Option 2. Wildlife observation and citizen science tours in the Gobi for 14 days (nights in hotels, ger camps and tents and travel in Land Rover 4*4)

Copyright Mongolia Quest
Copyright Mongolia Quest


This tour will be organized in our study area as well as in some natural reserves with most of the nights spent in provincial hotels or camps of yurts, and few nights in tents, as well as all travelling will be in Land Rover 4*4 to offer you much comfort on the bumpy dirt roads of the Gobi Desert. 


Attention! New itineraries and dates will be released around September-October 2024, please visit our website around these dates or send us a message using the form bellow so we can keep you updated. 

Short conservation tours and tailor-made tours

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Copyright Mongolia Quest




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Content of our tours and requirements

  • During each tour you will be able to observe a variety of wild species (many of them are today endangered) such as: black-tailed gazelle, Mongolian gazelle, Mongolian wild ass/onager//khulan, wild Argali sheep, Ibex/wild goat, Corsac fox, Cinereous vulture, Steppe eagle and many others ... Besides collecting data and taking part to some of our conservation activities, we will also compare the different species of Equids (wild and domestic) that inhabit Mongolia. You will be also able to discover unique and amazing landscapes of a region which is not well known by international travellers;
  • You will also directly support conservation of the Mongolian wild khulan by taking part of a selection of scientific and conservation activities from our conservation programme;
  • Each group will be limited to 8/10 people maximum in order to avoid any negative impact on wildlife and their habitat;
  • During each tour we will all follow a very clear and specific guideline in order to reduce and limit our impact on wildife and their habitat. This guideline will be communicated once you have booked your trip with us.