"In the end, we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught."


- Baba Dioum - 


We strongly believe in this quote and as a result, our organization started in 2008 different environmental education activities in our study areas: 


- presentations about the Mongolian Khulan at the school of Khatanbulag; 


- environmental education and awareness activities involving herders, protection agencies' staff, Buddhists monks and border protection officers. 




- the publication in 2016 of a bilingual English-Mongolian Children book "The lost Khulan in the Gobi". 700 copies were printed in 2016, from which half have been donated to children in our study area as well as to a few conservation organizations working in the Gobi Desert, and the other half has been sold in Mongolia and abroad and the benefits from the sales will support further educational activities in our project's study area. 


- the creation of diverse educational resources. 



Our Conservation director also created in 2016 a game about competition to access to water resources in the Gobi which can be used by adults as well as by children. 


Our organization is now developing some curriculums for protected areas rangers and staff but also for the local community's members about: environmental sciences, Gobi wildlife and the Gobi ecosystem, land management, biodiversity conservation, scientific methodology, community-based conservation and conservation tourism. 

We are also using the "training the future trainers" approach to have a more broad and sustainable impact in our project area, besides developing other activities in environmental education.