The lost khulan in the Gobi

The story takes place in the Mongolian Gobi Desert, where tow kids, Tuya and Javkhlan, found a lost baby khulan... 


How can they help their new friend to get back home? 

"Khulan" is the mongolian name of the Mongolian wild donkey which is one of the 5 recognized sub-species of the Asiatic wild donkey/ass. The Asiatic wild donkey belongs to the Equidae family but it is not well known internationally while this species is endangered. The Mongolian khulan is internationally and locally protected. 

The story has been written by Anne-Camille Souris (Chair and research director of GOVIIN KHULAN) and illustrated by a young and talented Mongolian artist: Zolbootuguldur O. This book is a bilingual book, that means that you will find the texts in both mongolian and english languages within the same book. After the story you will find a chapter with real and scientific facts about the Mongolian khulan and another chapter with some advices to protect this threatened species and its habitat. 

Printing of this book has been supported by a grant obtained by the association GOVIIN KHULAN and one of its partners in 2015. 700 books have been printed in June 2016. About a hundred books have been donated to children that our research team met during their field trips in June and November 2016 in the south and southeast Gobi. 


To date, half of the books have been donated to children, schools and local NGOs in Mongolia's Gobi Desert regions, and about a half have been sold. We are currently suspending the sale of the book, but we might put a few copies for sale online during the Spring/Summer 2024. 



Story book Khulan - 1st edition

Bilingual story book (mongolian-english) to raise awareness about protection of the threatened Mongolian khulan/wild donkey. 

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Story book about the Mongolian khulan

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