Training in ecology for tourism agencies and guides

These training sessions can be organized online as well as in person (in Mongolia only). 


This training's topics are as following: 

  • Module 1: Basic knowledge about ecology and biodiversity conservation
  • Module 2: Responsible and conservation tourism, and endangered species protection related to tourism activities, with a speciality "responsible and conservation tourism in Mongolia" 
  • Module 3: How can travel agencies contribute to nature and endangered species protection? with a speciality "tourism in support to conservation in Mongolia"  

The training will include: lectures, case studies, group work, analyze of specific situation etc. The training sessions will also include some knowledge assessments in order to help you and us check your knowledge and skills. At the end of each module, depending on your involvement during the whole training session, you will receive a certificat of participation.


If you have specific needs for your travel agency or as touris guide, we can create a specific module for you and/or add more activities in one or more of our modules as well.  


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