Actively take part in protection of Gobi wildlife

and the Gobi Desert ecosystem by travelling with us

Our conservation non-profit organization offers wildlife observation, citizen science and community-based conservation expeditions in Mongolia and in our study area located in the Gobi Desert.


We also offer wildlife photography tours if you are interested. 


For each expedition organized by our organization, the benefits will contribute to:

  • a Conservation Fund (that aims to support our research, conservation and education activities)
  • and a Community Fund (that aims to support the local community of our study area). 


Content of our expeditions and rules

  • During each expedition you will be able to observe a variety of wild species (many of them are today endangered) such as: black-tailed gazelle, Mongolian gazelle, Mongolian wild ass/onager//khulan, wild Argali sheep, Ibex/wild goat, Corsac fox, Cinereous vulture, Steppe eagle and many others ... and you will be also able to discover unique and amazing landscapes of a region which is not well known by international travellers,
  • You will also directly support conservation of the Mongolian wild khulan by taking part of a selection of scientific and conservation activities from our conservation program, 
  • Each group will be limited to 8 people maximum in order to avoid any negative impact on wildlife and their habitat, 
  • During each expedition we will all follow a very clear and specific guideline in order to reduce and limit our impact on wildife and their habitat. This guideline will be communicated once you have booked your trip with us. 

About our trips

We currently offer 2 options: 


*Option 1:  a 10 days expedition that will mostly cover our study area as well as few reserves where species other than those from the Gobi and our study area can be observed; 


*Option 2: a 15 days expedition that will cover our study area, few reserves as well as another area of the Gobi where other wild Gobi species can be observed and where another conservation project (managed by another conservation organization we know well) is located.  


We are currently working on a 3d option which is specially designed for those who are passionate of horses and equids and that will focus on behavioral observations of Mongolian wild and domestic equids (domestic horses, Przewalski's horses and Mongolian khulans/wild asses). 



Note: We don't publish any map or itinerary of our expeditions on our website in order to protect the sites where we work and then limit any negative impact from unwanted intensive tourism activities, sport hunting or any other negative human impacts. But if you book a tour with us you will get all information about the location and content of our expeditions. 

Our partners

We partner with local and international travel agencies as well as with local and locally-based conservation NGOS. To know more about our partners


Spring/Summer 2021: cancelled due to the Covid19 pandemic


Spring/Summer 2022: June/July/August available (please contact us to select the duration of our expeditions and the dates)


For more information about our expeditions

If you want to get more information and the next dates our expeditions will be organized, please fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!  

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Tailor-made wildlife observation tours and individual projects

We can organize a tour based on wildlife observation in the Gobi Desert or a stay in one of the family that work with us at the period of the year and dates that you wish.

Also, if you have a specific project of documentary or photography project and wish to travel in our study area, we can also assist you in organizing your stay and project. 


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