"Khulan" silver ring


This silver ring has been created for our organization by the Mongolian artist - Tsagaana - to help us raise awareness and raise fundings to support protection of the threatened Mongolian khulan. This ring represents a Mongolian khulan with a water hole created by the khulan to access to water located underground to drink. 


Benefits from the sales will go to our conservation program to enhance protection of the Mongolian khulan and its habitat. 


*Mongolian khulans are known to dig holes at dry water points and river beds to access to water located underground and drink. Other species (wild and domestic) also use these water holes to drink when open water points are too rare in the Gobi Desert. This specific behavior illustrates the importance of the Mongolian khulan in the Gobi ecosystem.  


"Khulan" ring

About the ring: Handmade silver ring made by a Mongolian artist. The ring represents a Mongolian khulan with a water hole in front. 

Shipping costs: included in the price.

Shipping: The ring will be sent directly from Mongolia. It will take from 2 to 4 weeks to be delivered depending on your location. 

Size: You should send us the diameter of the ring that you want once you have ordered it on our website. The ring will be made just after your order. The ring is usually open in the inside to be able to adjust it if necessary. 

Refund/exchange:  No refund or exchange possible after the delivery of the ring. The ring will be made at the size that you did send us by email. We always check the quality of the ring before to send it to make sure that it doesn't have any defects. 

Khulan silver ring

50,00 €